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Finding your very own influencer

The above are the types of influencers that abound online and off, but you don’t just wake up one morning and decide you’ll be an Influencer too. There are filtering systems in place that people go through before they become Influencers. For instance, to be a celebrated author, one has to write a book, get … Continue reading

Learning with Laurel: 10 tips for setting up a community forum

The Learning with Laurel series of posts have been generated from notes taken during a 3-day social media course presented by Laurel Papworth. If you have the opportunity to take one of Laurel’s courses or to hear her speak, I highly recommend it. __________________________________________________________________________ Community Forums When setting up a community forum, decide on: demographics … Continue reading

Campaigns: Answers to Questions

When planning a campaign for social media, ask yourself these nine questions. This sample pre-plan is around local government but it can be adjusted for private organisations. 1. Purpose – why? organisation’s public reason for social media initiative to open up more channels of communication between organisation and community to boost brand awareness and loyalty … Continue reading

Learning with Laurel

Today is Day One of a three day crash course in social media. Part of the learning process is the creation of a blog and published notes direct from the classroom to share with the Teach (Laurel Papworth), class buddies, and anyone else interested in picking up a few tips on this whole social media … Continue reading