Social Media Tip #1: making a video for YouTube

What makes this video far more successful than many others?

It’s funny! I’ve already shown it to a group of friends and family, just because it’s cute and gets a laugh. I have no interest in the car, whatsoever.

Now, watch this video:

It’s meant to be funny, but I didn’t crack a smile and I probably won’t bother sharing it with anyone (other than you).

So, here’s my tip: if you want people to share your video, give them a reason to and make it funny. After all, people love to give their friends a good chuckle.

Remember, the point of making ads available on YouTube and other video sites, is so people will share them around – you want views, you want to be talked about, and you want lots of “likes”. Take the time to plan your message and delivery, and invest in someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to filming for online viewing.


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