Campaigns: Answers to Questions

Strategy vs Campaign

When planning a campaign for social media, ask yourself these nine questions. This sample pre-plan is around local government but it can be adjusted for private organisations.

1. Purpose – why?

  • organisation’s public reason for social media initiative
    • to open up more channels of communication between organisation and community
    • to boost brand awareness and loyalty
  • organisation’s private reason for
    • to hear what people are saying online and deal with issues that may be about to trend quickly
    • to combat derogoratory stereotypes
  • customer’s public reason for joining
    • to tap into a particular online community
    • to get latest news about issues, (or products, competitions)
  • customer’s private reason
    • to keep tabs on what the organisation is up to
    • an easier way to communicate with local government organisation (for people who don’t like making phone calls)

2. Spaces – where?

  • which sites/tools to use?
    • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest
  • Places, events or pages on facebook? Linkedin pages/groups, q&a, foursquare, pinterest?

3. Profiles – who?

  • who are the people and what are they interested in? psychographics
    • local community members – families, newcomers to the area, local business, businesses interested in entering the region, older community members keeping in touch, journalists
  • what are the activities they undertake? what are they passionate about and interested in?
    • attending community events, waste management, infrastructure projects and upgrades, opportunities to connect and learn with services/facilities provided

4. Roles – what role do they undertake?

  • policeman, troublemaker, event manager, teacher, leader, newcomer, veteran
    • all roles
    • parituclarly troublemakers (this is local government after all)

5. Leaders – rewarding leaders, finding and engaging influencers

6. Etiquette – what can customers say and do. what behaviours do you need to manage?

    • appropriate language and behaviour for general community consumption

7. Campaigns – 5 steps (listening/monitoring, creating content, discussing with members, promoting, measuring)

8. Rituals – rites of passage, conversation diary (special days)

    • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, memorial days, community anniversaries…

9. Segmenting – breaking down into smaller groups

    • people just interested in events & festivals
    • feedback area for complaints & compliments
    • people just interested in reading about projects/upgrades

Over the next few weeks, I’ll go into each of the above in more detail, but this is enough to get you started. Social Media campaigns, as with traditional campaigns, require planning and knowledge before you jump on the bandwagon. Some companies seem to get away with starting before they figure out their purpose and who they are targeting. If you want longevity, if you want reasonable success, then you planning your path is essential.

Coming soon: Spaces – which social media channel is right for you?

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